Picture of Telaga Harbour Marina

The Start of 2007 found Callisto moored in the Telaga Harbour Marina on Langkawi Island, Malaysia.

Picture of New Year's dinner

Our friends Bob and Sandy, aboard the sailing catamaran ESCAPE, on transit from Phuket to Singapore, stopped in at Telaga. We enjoyed their company for several days including a New Year celebration at a harbor side restaurant.

View looking into the anchorage.

Lets take a short tour of the marina. This is the anchorage just outside the marina.

The marina entrance

This is a view of the marina entrance channel with local fishing boat moorings on the left side.

Picture of Telaga Harbour Marina

The other side of the marina from the entrance with six restaurants within easy walking distance on the other side of the basin.

Picture of restaurants

Quayside dinning at one of several of the restaurants we frequented.

Picture of Jane at the Oriental Shopping Village

Visiting the Oriental Shopping Village. One of Langkawi's tourist attractions.

Picture of a leafy sea Dragon

The Underwater World is another island attraction where we found this leafy sea dragon. Surely on of the best disguises in nature.

Jane holding a Brahminy Kite

The Brahminy Kite is the state bird of Langkawi these beautiful birds can be seen soaring in the sky every day or up close at the Bird Park.

Rice patty

A typical rice patty.

Common Myna Bird

This precocious little critter is the common myna bird and is ubiquitous throughout S.E. Asia. They are very eager to assist in bussing tables at most alfresco dinning facilities.

Noah arriving from India

In September our friends Coni and Paul on board NOAH arrived form Cochin, India. We last saw them when we left Marmaris, Turkey in 2004.

Jeff, Coni, Jane, and Paul sightseeing

Sightseeing with, from left to right, Jeff Skipper single handing SARA B, Coni from NOAH, Jane, and Paul Skipper of NOAH. Jeff also recently arrived from Cochin India having left Marmaris, Turkey in 2006.

Jane and Coni in cable car.

Jane and Coni in the cable car going up the 708 Meters/2300 foot high Machinchang Mountain.

Cable cars

Looking back down the cable car run.

Facilities at the mountain top

There are fairly extensive platforms and bridges at the mountain top to give the non-climber a good view, there are trails below for the climbers.

Jane at 700 metersPaul at 652 meters

                                                                                Iintrepid mountaineers.

View of Telaga Marina from the mountain

Looking back on Telaga Harbour Marina from the Mountain

Paul with monkeysWalt feeding monkeys

                                                                                Playing with the monkeys

Rebak ResortDining area at ReBak

Rebak is a small island within the Langkawi Group that lies about 5 miles south of Telaga Harbour Marina. The island is completely jungle covered except for the Rebak Island Resort.

Covered bridge to the swimming poolResort swimming pool

The resort comes close to the ideal island paradise, the surrounding jungle is the home to tropical wild life including a troop of macaque monkeys, a flock of pied hornbills and a large monitor lizard all of which are seen frequently. The covered bridge on the left leads to the swimming pool on the right.

Rebak Island Resort MarinaMarina hard-stand

The thing that attracts us to this beautiful island resort is their marina and its adjacent haul out facility and hard-standing area where Callisto gets a fresh coat of bottom paint while we enjoy the ambience.

Champagne being pouredPaul toasting

Celebrating the birthday of Captian Paul of the SY Noah. Happy Birthday Paul