Hong Kong

Hong Kong harbor

In June we took a few days break from boat repairs and flew to Hong Kong. This was the first time either of us had visited Hong Kong since the British returned the territory to China.

Floating restaurant in Hong Kong Harbor

From the stand point of an infrequent tourist, it did not seem much had changed. The city continues to grow apace, the streets are still teeming, shopping is great and the dinning is wonderful.

Rickshaw operator in Hong Kong

You can even still get a rickshaw ride, but with the number of motor scooters running about, it probably looses some of the ambiences.

view from Victoria Peak

The view from Victoria Peak. It is amazing that you can stack so many people in so little space and still manage a degree of control. The high level of economic development, the high population density and the sky scrappers sprouting like weeds combine to make the city unique. Bigger, more crowded, and maybe flashier, but it seems Hong Kong is still Hong Kong.