Travels 2006

Map of SE Asia with routes

This year we expanded our exploration of South-East Asia. During the post-tsunami repairs we felt it was necessary to stay close to Callisto. It is not that we distrusted our repair team, but over the years, it has become axiomatic that the owner's personal interest produces better repairs or at least fewer complaints. As a result travel plans were curtailed last year. 2006 started with Callisto in the Royal Langkawi Yacht Club in Malaysia. The Langkawi group consist of over 100 islands, one could spend a long time exploring some of the larger of these. In February we spent a week poking around in various anchorages and then went to Telaga Harbour Marina. The yacht club has the advantage of being situated near Kuah, the main town on Langkawi, but it has the disadvantage of being adjacent to the main ferry terminal. The wash from the ferries was seemingly continuous, unpleasant and hard on mooring lines. We preferred the all-round protection at Telaga since we would be leaving Callisto to her own devices while we traveled to Kuala Lumpur and later to Vietnam for a river boat trip up the Mekong to Cambodia. After returning from Cambodia we sailed to Thailand to see more of the country and, as it turned out, do more boat repairs.