Travels 2005

Chart of the routeto ThailandThe opening of 2005 Callisto was in Galle, Sri Lanka recovering from the damage caused by the tsunami of 26 Dec 2004. Callisto was not in a condition to sail until mid February. At that time the northeast monsoon was blowing across the Bay of Bengal. On the advise of Richard, who operates the Mobile Maritime Net on 14,323.0 khz single-side band, we decided to sail north into the bay and gain position to sail across the northeast winds. As it turned out this advise provided better results than was initially expected. When we departed Galle the winds were out of the east and they stayed in the east which gave us good sailing conditions while we gained latitude. Shortly after we turned southeast the winds backed into the north and north northeast, and we were reaching all the way to Phuket, Thailand. A trip of about 15 days and 1590 nautical miles.